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About Me 

A little about me – Karen Robinson (just in case you were wondering if I was a real person).

My Goals

  • To help midlife women age 45-65 years start an online business that will allow them to give up the 9-5 slog and live the life they dream.
  • This freedom will allow you to work from home – or anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Support women who have started an online business, but have become ‘stuck’ or unfocused, to get back on track.

My Vision

To earn the reputation as one of the best, practical and experienced, coach and mentors. Midlife women will seek me out for help and support when setting up their online business. Female entrepreneurs will turn to me for help in developing themselves and overcoming barriers.

Struggling to find people and systems that spoke specifically to me showed me there was a gap in the online market. Focusing exclusively on this fantastic group of women means I can use everything I’ve experienced, learned and put into practice to help YOUR business be successful online. 

My Story


I live in the North East of the UK and am aged 61.

My working life from 1975-1983 was in Building Societies up to Dept Manager level. They wouldn’t let me go part-time after having my first child (no decent laws in those days) so I resigned. I was a stay at home mum until my hubby was laid off from his welding job when our second child was 10 months old and have worked since. Returning to work part-time back in Building Societies was so boring though! 

My childcare circumstances meant that in 1994 I changed career completely and moved into school administration. 

Ambition struck at the turn of the millennium when, with both parents dying in the same year at a ridiculously early age, I realised that I needed to give myself a kick or I would have done nothing in my life other than produce two fabulous sons.

To become a School Business Manager I needed to return to studying. At age 40 I got a degree, a post-grad certificate and a Manager job paying £29k full time. (Nowhere near enough pay for the job I was doing!). All the Manager ‘stuff’ in schools was so interesting. The horrible changes and the political football it became were awful, so I took early retirement in 2015. 

What I did next

Whatever anyone tells you, your pension pot is NEVER enough! We’ve used up all my early retirement lump sum on mainly living expenses. And I HATE having no money for holidays, to change the car – well you get where I’m going. We spent the first year doing some vital home renovations and then I realised I didn’t want to work for anyone else ever again. I began researching working from home online.

Along came an idea for a blog https://menopauseonline.co.uk. As I was going through menopause I had been looking online for information and there was so little that wasn’t purely medical (or tedious). I did a little bit of research to see if a blog would work and felt that it would but didn’t know where to start.

The idea kept niggling at me and then I won a competition for a local company to build me a blog site. That moved me forward a little (though it felt like a lot). I’ve added blogs over time, but realise that I’ve already outgrown the site’s basic capacity and format. I now need a ‘proper’ website that I will be able to monetise, advertise, sell products and affiliate etc. That will come soon.

The last 2 years have been spent learning all sorts of things I didn’t know about working online. I’ve spent stupid money to buy ridiculous courses (feeling fleeced!) and good money to buy really useful ones. And I hoovered up all kinds of free training too.

Obviously, I’ve got the basics nailed due to my years in Admin & Management. Being fairly social media savvy I have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In but am increasing learning and my postings on Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve followed courses to build funnels, write sales pages and product building training. WordPress is my platform of choice and I use Yoast for SEO when writing blog content.

Where I am now

For the last year, I’ve been freelance writing, free and paid guest blogging and have written product reviews relevant to my existing niche.  I’ve also been interviewed by phone live on Ideal World TV about a product I reviewed.

An Ebook about Tips For Midlife Women has emerged and I’m happily giving this away free to you in exchange for your name and email address. Hopefully, you’ll be happy for me to contact you from time to time when I have something useful for you to know. A further Ebook about acid reflux is in the pipeline.

This little journey has led me to the place I’m at now. I’ve spoken to so many midlife women who want more than they have. Job satisfaction has waned, they don’t like being the office ‘oldie’ and are beginning to feel isolated. Their financial situation is often such that they can’t just walk away from their jobs as their pension won’t be enough and the state pension doesn’t kick in for many years. Working in some way has to be their way of life. With encouragement, support and taking action it is possible to get where they want to be.

About Me - Karen Robinson

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more About Me. As we get to know each other a little better I’ll happily share more.

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