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Although I share my views, it is your responsibility to verify any claims made by the vendor before you buy.


New App Puts Your (or your Client’s) Content On Amazon Alexa In Front Of Millions Of Listeners In Minutes!









The world is moving toward “voice-first” content consumption and Alexa is leading the way as to how the world gets and consumes content.

Did you know that using something called “Alexa Flash Briefing Skills”, or short audio snippets/reports Alexa users can receive each day on their Alexa device, local and online businesses can tap into millions of Alexa listeners right now?

Flash Briefings are daily updates Alexa users receive each day from their Alexa device by saying “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play my Flash Briefings.”

These can provide educational content from a particular brand they’re subscribed to as well as inform them about special sales, deal, products, and more.

It’s easy to get started:

  • Think of a niche
  • Create content
  • Schedule up to 30 days in the future
  • Watch your leads grow
  • Profit by charging clients to get their content on Amazon Alexa for them with Commercial Rights

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Lazy Affiliate Method – Sept 2019

Lazy Affiliate Method

100% Done-for-you affiliate marketing system for passive commissions on complete autopilot!

Even with no tech skills or marketing experience!

LAM Funnel

Creating funnels isn’t easy and can be very time-consuming!

You Need:

A unique funnel
A high converting capture page
An irresistible lead magnet
A high converting affiliate offer
A follow-up sequence that makes sales
Time to test conversions to make sure it all works correctly!

What if making money online was as easy as:
Getting a tested and proven affiliate system funnel?
You just need to spend a few minutes uploading it, following step-by-step instructions?
Then you could sit back & profit!

With Lazy Affiliate Method You Get:

  • A unique Affiliate Funnel Strategy
  • High Converting Squeeze Pages
  • Professional Thank You Page
  • Done-For-You 47 Day Follow-Up Sequence
  • Hig Converting Affiliate Offers

This is as easy as it gets!

Have a look at my Review & Bonus Bundle

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IM Checklists V21 – Google Analytics – Sept 2019

IM Checklist V21

18 Step-By-Step Checklists With PLR

  1. Google Analytics account audit
  2. Installing GA
  3. Tagging in GA
  4. How to increase accuracy consistently in GA
  5. Integration in GA
  6. Channel groupings in GA
  7. Data import checklist
  8. Campaign tracking
  9. Google tag manager
  10. How to set up and edit a property in GA
  11. How to add a new view
  12. How to create, edit and share goals
  13. GA events checklist
  14. How to get analytics for mobile applications
  15. The ultimate guide to GA 2019
  16. Guide to tools of GA API
  17. GA tips and tricks
  18. How to add GA to WordPress

Use these checklists to create your own PLR business – rebrand and sell them over and over again.

You can turn them into a video product, a webinar presentation, blog posts, or use them as a bonus in an affiliate promotion. Why not try using them as content on a membership site or to build your email list?

All the checklists come as printable PDF’s, interactive mind maps, interactive checklists and google/excel spreadsheets – these save you so much time. I love Kevin Fahey’s checklists and use them myself!

Have a look at my IM Checklist V21 Review

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The Internet Marketing Newsletter – Monthly PLR – Sept 2019

The IM NewsletterA monthly writing service for Internet Marketers & Digital Marketers who need a constant supply of high-quality digital content that can be used as-is or edited into whatever format you want for your audience.

Nick James & his team have been producing this for over 8 years and it saves you so much time and money – I know as I have used them myself! The content is so well-written it leaves you to be able to focus on building your business instead of spending time researching and writing!

Topics covered in the newsletter:

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Conversions
  • Outsourcing
  • JV’s
  • Fiverr
  • Facebook
  • Marketing Tips
  • Niches
  • List Building
  • Webinars
  • Podcasting
  • And so much more!

The IM Newsletter


Reuse the content:

  • In your own newsletters
  • In your own online/offline magazine
  • To create an autoresponder series
  • In Blog posts
  • As hot-selling products
  • For audios/videos/podcasts
  • Write an ebook
  • Reports/articles
  • Recurring memberships
  • And so much more!

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VideoApp Suite – Aug 2019

VideoApp suite Logo

  • Complete video app software in a box
  • Start your own video software business
  • Sell videos you create to your clients
  • 8 high-quality video apps
  • Commercial licence

The 8 Apps:

Intro Outro Expert – create these in minutes using templates

Cover Pro – Create Facebook Video covers to drive engagement and sales

Live Mockup – Add logos and images to live moving scenes. Perfect for social media.

Slide Machine – Create videos with slides, customise elements, add your own text and images

Story Monarch – Create Facebook and Instagram Story Videos effortlessly

Whiteboarder – Create video commercial style whiteboard videos. Done-For-You Templates available.

Ads Architect – Create square videos that are popular on social media.

Custom Video FX – Upload existing videos, add text and animations, convert into landscape, square, portrait etc suitable for social media platforms.

Read my VideoApp Suite review Here

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Niche One 

Niche One Product

Niche One is the ultimate profit-making tool if you’re looking to start making money in untapped niches.

Simply log-in, discover niches, create your content and/or products, find profitable affiliate offers and even drive traffic to your new niche website – all from the one dashboard.

And that is just the beginning….

With Niche One you just enter a single keyword and instantly uncover red hot sub-niches that you never thought existed…

… plus all the ready-made content to quickly create info products, Kindle books, lead magnets, affiliate sites or e-commerce stores.

Uncover overlooked niches

Save yourself time

Ready-made content

Keyword research

Read my Niche One Review HERE

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Tube Target Main Product

How’d you like to get endless traffic from YouTube? In fact, traffic in any niche and direct from your best competitors or market influencers?

Yep, that’s what TubeTarget can help you do, and for literally pennies too! It works because YouTube has more viewer inventory than you can imagine.

If you’ve tried paid traffic from Facebook and failed, or never tried paid traffic at all. It’s time you swapped to YouTube.

Find the exact monetized channels that will give you the best results for your niche, increasing your ability to convert.

Find hundreds or even thousands of monetized video for any niche or search term.

Create powerful campaigns that bring together all the channels and videos you want to target – to get more views and engagements.

Create Google Ads compatible CSV file that you can quickly import into your Google Ads to immediately generate highly targeted ads.

Powerful, cutting-edge YouTube ads training walks you through all the steps in order to run fail-proof, highly-profitable ads.

Read my TubeTarget Review HERE

I’ve also done a Review Video over on YOUTUBE

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IM Checklists v18 – LinkedIn June 2019

IMChecklist V18

18 Step by Step Checklists With PLR

  1. Optimizing Presence On LinkedIn
  2. How To Do Business With LinkedIn?
  3. Creating A Killer Student Profile: LinkedIn
  4. How To Setup Your LinkedIn Company Page?
  5. How To Create A Marketing Strategy For Your LinkedIn Business?
  6. A How-To Guide On Advertising On LinkedIn
  7. Your Guide To Free LinkedIn Marketing Tactics
  8. Making Money In The LinkedIn Marketing
  9. How To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Company With LinkedIn?
  10. The Does And Don’ts Of LinkedIn Marketing
  11. How To Use LinkedIn Tools To Boost Your Sales?
  12. How To Create A Content Marketing Plan On LinkedIn?
  13. How To Get More LinkedIn Page Followers? 
  14. Creating Different Ad Formats On LinkedIn
  15. Must-Have Items: LinkedIn Marketing
  16. 2019 LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  17. How To Access Your LinkedIn Page Performance?
  18. The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Checklist

You can use them to educate yourself and trust me, there’s a massive amount of brilliant information in here. You can also rebrand, resell and use them in any way you wish.

These checklists have been proven to work time and time again. You’re getting PLR & can use them to:

– Turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.

– Edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.

– Claim full authorship.

– Use them to create a video training course.

– Add them to a membership site.

– Use to build your email list (individual checklists only)

– Use them to create blog posts or infographics

– Translate them into different languages

– Plus much more…

Read the Product Review HERE

Watch my YouTube Review

Rapid Traffic Suite May 2019

Rapid Traffic Suite




Having something to sell is the easy part – getting traffic is the hardest! Never worry about traffic again with this cloud-based software and world-class training.

Finally, a software that brings quality, fast, free traffic without spending a fortune. It is easy to use – anyone can do it!

Drive traffic free of charge – forget about the headache of getting your content in front of people and avoid paid traffic costs.

Build your list and drive sales and commissions. Easy to use software and full training given.

Free traffic method to sell anything in any niche.

Rapid Traffic Suite teaches you how to drive clicks from Pinterest whilst picking up SEO traffic with no extra work.

Read the Product Review here

Watch my YouTube Review HERE

RankReel May 2019




A breakthrough all-in-one SEO cloud app that ranks your videos (or your client’s videos) on Page 1 of YouTube & Google quickly. It uses safe whitehat methods so there is no danger of your videos being taken down, or even worse, your account being suspended!

It’s divided into 5 modules on the Dashboard (there is full training)

  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Research
  • One-click Description & SEO video optimization
  • Whitehat backlinking
  • Local Influencer Outreach

Blog Review: https://karenrobinsononline.com/rankreel-review-blog

Product Review: https://karenrobinsononline.com/rankreel-review

YouTube Review: 


zSuite April 2019





Online software platform with 4 software apps – Youzign, Gifzign, Mockzign & Logozign.

If you create designs for your website or social media then you need this! Everything is under one dashboard, it is simple, fast and particularly good if you have no or little creative design skills.

Create by Vidello March 2019

Create thumbnail




Create and edit your own videos for simply, quickly and cheaply. Suitable for demo’s, product reviews, training course and for any skill level. Link to read more in my Blog Product Review HERE

PhotographersPic March 2019

PhotographersPic Images, Quotes – Link to read more in my Blog Product Review HERE

DesignBundle March 2019

Design Bundle

Design Bundle Software Apps – Link to read more in my Blog Product Review Here