Ready? Steady? Let’s Go!

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In my early 50’s, I was going through menopause, struggling with some health issues, slogging away in a demanding job, losing several close family members and had teenagers leaving home. At this time I suddenly thought about me. Was this it? What have I done so far with my life? Had I achieved what I thought I would. The answer was a resounding “No”. It was time for action – I was off on a journey. Come with me – Ready? Steady? Let’s Go!

The idea of having my own online business was there in the background. I had times when I did a lot of research, bought products, got disillusioned, left it, came back to it – well you get the idea. I never seemed ready to start. Add to that the fact that everyone online at that time seemed to be men. I’m not disrespecting men at all, but there wasn’t anyone I felt I could resonate with and who was truly on my page.

However, the idea was niggling away at me and just wouldn’t go away. Even though my self-confidence wasn’t great, due to so many personal reasons. I thought that if I could learn as much as I could about the online world, I would be in a better position to start. Oh dear. There is never perfection – don’t ever think there is. Go with good enough.

What Direction Are You Going In? Are You Ready?

You may be at the hesitant early stages, or perhaps taken your first few tentative steps and then got stuck in the treacle of the online business and internet marketing world. Do you know where to head next? It’s not the end of the world if you need to backtrack, or even go along a path and then decide it is not what you thought nor what you wanted. Learn from it.

Ready Direction arrows

Midlife is a time to take stock of all aspects of your life. They don’t call menopause ‘the change’ for nothing! It’s not the end. But crucially – be ready for it. It’s the end of that part of you and crucially the beginning of another version of you. With perimenopause starting around age 45 and lasting up to 12 years it can be a long slog for some women.

You can merrily jog along for years, doing what needs doing to pay the bills and then realising this life isn’t what you wanted or thought you’d have? You are certainly not alone.


Fear is the biggest factor holding midlife women back from pursuing their dreams. And the thought of having to possibly shell out a lot of money to get started.


  • Never think you’re too old and your time to shine has gone. You’re not and it hasn’t.
  • Never think you haven’t got the skills and knowledge. You might not have now, but you will soon.
  • Never use negative phrases about yourself or your business idea. This is not helpful for your mindset and self-confidence.
  • Never let “lack of…” hold you back. There are a lot of free products, tools and services that you can access at the start of your journey.
  • Never worry about what others think of you. Family and friends might think you’re having a midlife crisis. So what?

People will listen to you, read what you have to say and buy from you – as long as you have built up their trust and a relationship with them first.

It is scary and you will have intense moments of anxiety and self-doubt but when has life ever been easy?

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